BOC Chairman's Telephone Bills

There has been much talk about Comm. Bernard having his telephone bill paid for.  The TWG was tired of hearing about it and wanted to find out if it was true or not.  Here’s what the open records request we made revealed.


Request date—3/11/05—January phone bill—dedicated line, voice/fax--$26.24

Request date—3/11/05—February phone bill—dedicated line, voice/fax--$26.27

Request date—6/13/05—month not listed—phone bill—no description--$26.35

Request date—7/1/05—copy of 6/1/05 phone bill for Jack Bernard—dedicated line--$26.32

Request date—8/1/05—July phone bill-- dedicated line, voice/fax--$26.25

Request date—11/9/05—October phone bill-- dedicated line, voice/fax--$26.23

All of these requests were signed by Jack Bernard.


Based on our findings as well as what the Monticello News has reported, this phone bill was reimbursed to Chairman Bernard per his requests until county manager, Greg Williams, put a stop to it and asked for repayment to the County.  On 12/21/05, Chairman Bernard reimbursed the County $210.33 (which was for 8 months of phone/fax line reimbursements).  These are the FACTS.  We will put one of these requests up on the website.  If you’d like to see all of them, go by the County office and ask to see the file.


We’re happy that Comm. Bernard has repaid these bills.  The amounts are small and insignificant.  What is significant is the fact that Comm. Bernard has continued to tell us how badly the county needs money, but he felt that $26 a month to pay for a phone line in his home was necessary.  It’s this type of pettiness that causes more trouble for politicians than the big issues.  .  It’s this type of thing that causes the public not to trust the politicians!  Let’s see now, what did that Code of Ethics Comm. Bernard signed say? Actively promote public confidence in county government.  Maintain a positive image to pass constant public scrutiny.  This type of activity doesn’t do that!

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