June 10, 2006
More SPLOST Roads Designated Before Work Starts On Original List

How can you be a Commissioner, talk about SPLOST, promote SPLOST, and go to SPLOST meetings where SPLOST projects are talked about and then not know that the proposed roads on the project list are not in your district?

Comm. Hill continues to say, “It’s not right!” But whose fault is that? Each Commissioner designated roads, including Comm. Hill. However, the roads he designated had been removed from his district several years ago. Comm. Hill
has tried to get the BOC to “make allowances.” However, 2 attorneys have said, “No! What was voted on is what must be done. That is the law.” Members of the SPLOST committee have told the Commissioners to abide by what the voters passed to keep the voter’s trust.

This is another instance of Commissioners voting on projects, resolutions, studies, etc. without really researching things or knowing what they are voting on (and signing).

“Post Level 2” SPLOST roads may become a reality. The State reports that Sales Tax revenues are up 13% over last year. The citizens of Jasper County voted in SPLOST to help get some of our roads out of the poor shape they are now in. We need to watch carefully to make sure what we voted on is done FIRST and PROPERLY before the new “Post Level 2” roads are started.

The additional roads designated are Davidson Road and Jeffries Road (Comm. Hill’s choices), County Line Road, and Jackson Lake Road.

Please note, the “old” SPLOST that was voted in to pay for the Courthouse, came in short by over $277,00. These funds had to be taken from the General Fund to pay the bond payment last month. It was predicted by several citizens and the TWG for at least 2 years now that the SPLOST proceeds would be short. At one time it was thought the shortage would be as much as $450,000. The “Courthouse SPLOST Committee” consisted of Linda Jordan, Dan Jordan, and Phil Peevy.

You can read more on both of these stories at The Monticello News “County to Cash
in CD”.


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