Who hasn't paid their property tax bill?

We reported earlier that we would be checking to see who has and who hasn’t paid their property taxes in a timely manner.  As of 2/2/06 here’s what the tax office records indicate:

PAID IN FULL AND TIMELY:  (Thank you to these elected officials!)

Comm. Bernard

Comm. Johnson

Comm. Yarbrough

Councilman Clark



Comm. Hill   $919.03

Comm. Pennamon   $938.11 and $421.97

Police Chief Danny Norris  2004 and 2005--$592.93

Police Captain Bobby Norris            $734.90

Councilwoman Smith  $333.53

Mayor Holmes—balance due on corrected bill $554.22


These are the people that set our taxes, spend our money, and tell us what’s going to happen in our city and county.  Yet, they don’t pay their own taxes in a timely manner.  They just expect everyone else to pay so they can keep spending the money on “their” projects.


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