November 23, 2006

I-Team Investigation--Jasper County Magistrate

Ken Jackson, Jasper County “Fulltime” Magistrate

The I-Team with Channel 5, Fox 5 Atlanta, www.myfoxatlanta.com, has started running teasers for the latest I-Team Investigation. The Taxpayer's Watchdog Group, Inc. has complained to the Commissioners of Jasper County for the past 3 years about the Magistrate's outrageous salary. A salary he gets while being out of the office the majority of the time.

The Commissioners have done nothing but said, "We don't like it, but we can't do anything." We say, follow the law! Make him verify his hours to be paid. The
I-Team has dug deep into Georgia law to find the true intent of the magistrate judge law in question.

The Judge says TWG has no credibility. He also asked the Atlanta Journal earlier in the year, "What do "they" want me to do, stare at the walls?" Well, yes! If someone is getting paid for 40 hours, we'd like to see them work 40 hours. For 2007, Judge Jackson's salary is scheduled to be $72,500+. Plus his health insurance, retirement, and extra pay for Juvenile work.

Tune in to Channel 5, Fox Atlanta, Monday 11/27/06 and Tuesday 11/28/06 at 6:00PM or 10:00PM news. You can see what the I-Team found out and see if you think the the Judge is earning his pay--taxpayer's money.

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