Liberty Drive - County road acceptance

Liberty Drive is a new road off Liberty Church Road that serves a new development.  Both John Bruno (the developer) and Russell Bennett (the contractor who got the “road job”) have attended the last couple of BOC meetings.  Sources tell us that Mr. Bruno wants the County to accept Liberty Drive and take it over as a county road.  Upon doing that, the County (taxpayers) will become responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the road from that day forward.


Please see TWG website for earlier pictures and commentary on Liberty Dr.  The pictures will show you the condition of the Liberty Drive on 4/23/05.  Click the link below:

http://www.taxdogs.com/roadstandards.htm  or go to www.taxdogs.com and click on:

4/23/05  Why Jasper County Needs Better Road Standards


Recently, the road has been patched in several places and the sides of the road have been “grassed” to prevent further erosion.  (We will put up new pictures on the website taken 12/9/05.)  Before the County accepts this road, each Commissioner should personally drive out and look at it.  If this road has had to be patched already, how long will it be before the County has to work on it?  One area of the road has been patched at least two times and possibly three.  There are also large cracks all over the cul-de-sac and in the road.  Since the road contractor was a County Commissioner when he contracted to do the road, were all the rules really followed?  How can the Public Works director be allowed to determine if a road is acceptable or not?  What qualifications does he have to make that determination?  The Planning & Zoning director has said he thinks the County should accept the road.  Does he know all the facts surrounding the road?  What is his expertise in road building or maintenance?  Isn’t their a requirement that an engineer would test any new road and certify that it met acceptable standards before the County took possession of it?


What kind of oversight was done on this road while it was being constructed?  The BOC needs to do as much research on the road standards requirements as possible as well as a personal inspection of the road before considering acceptance of a road the taxpayers will maintain for a lifetime.



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