December 9, 2006


Due to some scheduling changes, the I-Team segment did not air this past week; however, Comm. Bernard has called to let us know that the next segment of the Investigation into Chief Magistrate Judge Ken Jackson will be aired on Monday night (12/11/06) at both 6PM and 10PM on Channel 5—Fox 5 Atlanta. Both he and Judge Jackson were interviewed.

TWG has had an email questioning if these actions of Judge Jackson (coaching and doing legal work during the day) weren’t just a mistake and that everyone is entitled to a mistake. These actions have been going on for over 5 years. This isn’t a mistake. Judge Coach Jackson’s defenders say, “What’s wrong with helping children? What’s wrong with spending time ‘coaching and working with his children in various sports activities’?” Well, nothing is wrong with it if you do it on your own time. Every county employee would like to take off every afternoon around 2PM and go do what they want to do and still get paid. It just doesn’t work that way!

The Judge could do anything he wanted if he would acknowledge that he is no more than a part time Magistrate and should be paid for only the hours he works.

We ask that you email us at our website if you hear from Rep. Jim Cole or Sen. Johnny Grant. Sources have told us that “nothing was going to be done” because Judge Jackson campaigned “door to door” with Rep. Cole in his bid for re-election. This is more than a local issue; if the law needs to be clarified, this is a Statewide issue and we believe Rep. Cole when he campaigned on doing what was right.

We have also obtained the letter written to the Magistrate Judge by the County Commissioners requesting that he verify his hours. We will have that up on our website later this week for you to read. The Clerk of Court has already put on his website, “the judge will not be changing his work habits.” Time will tell.


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