March 12, 2007


TWG has now been informed that former Commissioner Russell C. Bennett was arraigned in Magistrate court on Friday, March 2, pled not guilty to solid waste violations, and is scheduled for trial in Magistrate Court on Friday, March 30.

See pictures taken 2/14/07 showing code violations:

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Code Enforcement is correct in bringing this case to court and is doing a good job following up and enforcing this violation. TWG supports such enforcement throughout the County.


Former Commissioner Russell Bennett, along with his business partners, former Commissioner Greg Wyatt, former JCWSA board member Doug Thomas, and Johnathan Glenn Parrish formed an LLC called CEDAR CREEK LAND INVESTMENT, L.L.C.
Information from the Secretary of State shows Mr. Bennett to be registered agent of this entity.

Limited Liability Company - Domestic - Information
Control No.: 0560152 Status: Active/Owes Current Year AR Entity Creation Date: 9/2/2005 Jurisdiction: GA Principal Office Address: 3881 SEVEN ISLANDS ROAD MONTICELLO GA 31064 Last Annual Registration Filed Date: 1/30/2006 Last Annual Registration Filed: 2006
Registered Agent Agent Name: RUSSELL C. BENNETT Office Address: 3881 SEVEN ISLANDS ROAD MONTICELLO GA 31064 Agent County: JASPER

Cedar Creek Land Investment, LLC was formed September 2, 2005 and then quickly bought land from Neal Jordan, David Morrison, Shane Sealy, and Van Box. This land was formerly known as “Jordan’s Trailer Park” and is located at the corner of Hwy 380 and Hwy 11 S.

Around this same time, the JCWSA was trying to get a USDA “Emergency Grant” to run water up Hwy 11 S from the Feldspar area to Hwy 380, then up Hwy 380 to Funderburg Dr. Interestingly, this project was called the ”Cedar Creek Project.” This water project would provide this corner of land with water and the ability to develop the land with smaller lots.

This area has been unsightly for some time. In September 2006, when asking about the unsightly mess, TWG was told by Planning and Zoning/Code Enforcement, that Mr. Bennett and his partners had until October 23, 2006 to get the mess cleaned up. This was 13 months after it was purchased.
Below is a view of what could be seen from Hwy 11 S in September, 2006:

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October 23, 2006 came and went. Nothing was done and trailers and junk got worse. Code Enforcement extended the time to get the area cleaned up to February 1, 2007—approximately a 14 week extension, and over 16 months after it was purchased.

There was some clean up activity, but on 2/14/07 the area was still a mess. This was 2 weeks past the “deadline” given by Code Enforcement. See pictures taken on 2/14/07 above.

In the meantime, JCWSA was denied its “Emergency Grant” for their water line to the property and on to Funderburg Dr. Cedar Creek Land Investment, LLC put the property up for sale. Mossy Oak Properties out of Augusta, GA has 171 acres for sale and has advertised the property in several publications, including the Georgia Outdoor News (GON).

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Sources tell TWG that there are more problems than the old trailers and junk. There are many, many septic tanks on the property and all those would have to be removed before the land could be developed. Certainly EPD would have to approve any clean up and development of this property.

Below are pictures taken 3/5/07, just 3 days after Mr. Bennett pleaded not guilty to violations:

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Over the past weekend someone made a BIG effort to get this area cleaned up. By Monday, 3/12/07 at this writing, piles of debris were burning and the areas visible from the road were cleaned up. Code Enforcement will have to investigate just where all the tires and metal went.
It is illegal to burn or bury many of the substances left at the old trailer park.

TWG appreciates Code Enforcement pursuing these violations! We hope this is the type of Code Enforcement the County pursues.


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