We have heard from more people who are very upset about the animal control officer riding the county roads and "hunting" for dogs (and cats). It has always been the policy in this county that animal control would respond if you had a complaint--barking dogs, vicious dogs, nuisance animals, etc. Until now, the animal control officer has NEVER just stopped at your front yard and picked up your dog just because it was out and not confined-especially in "rural areas" of the County. This has been happening as reported by several people. If, as reported by the County Manager, we are paying Butts County $750 a week to euthanise dogs and cats, that means the County is picking up and sending 10 dogs a WEEK off to be killed-are these stray dogs or are these someone's pet? The animal control officer resigned Tuesday morning (3/28/06); however, she was back in the County Manager's office Friday morning. If you are concerned about this situation, please call your commissioner and/or the County Manager.

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Carl Pennamon 706-468-8739 cpennamon@yahoo.com
Charles Hill 706-468-8025 cdavidhill@yahoo.com
Jack Bernard 706-468-5101 Bernard_jack@hotmail.com
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Bob Yarbrough 678-625-1195 byarbrough5dist@aol.com
County Manager 706-468-4900 jaspercm1@bellsouth.net


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