December 29, 2008


 Magistrate asks for $20,000 Supplement

No sooner is the election over and the Magistrate Judge, Ken Jackson, is back to the same old, same old.  Coaching during normal office hours, yes.  Out of the county practicing law during normal office hours, yes.  Starting on the new commissioners already about another supplement, yes.

TWG has obtained a copy of the January 5, 2009 BOC agenda.  One of items on that agenda is “
Jasper County Chief Magistrate – Request to rescind Resolution dated 04/02/07 regarding the elimination of the Chief Magistrate’s Salary Supplement.”  TWG called and asked.  Judge Jackson has requested this item be placed on the agenda and wants the new board to vote for him to receive another $20,000 supplement for his new term starting January 1, 2009.


1/1/07 – The State Legislature gave elected officials a big raise by changing salaries based on new population figures.  The Magistrate received (at Jasper County taxpayer’s expense) almost a $20,000 increase.

4/2/07- The commissioners passed a resolution stopping the Magistrate’s supplement of $20,000 at the end of the current term –12/31/08.  His new pay raise made there no need for a supplement.

 See details in resolution here

 Judge Jackson received a personal letter from the BOC informing him that there would no longer be a supplement provided by the BOC at the end of his term (12/31/08).

5/15/08 –
There was a public notice in the paper that there would no longer be a Magistrate supplement so that anyone, including Jackson, that qualified and ran for that office would know.

Judge Jackson makes over $54,000 a year without a supplement.  Judge Jackson has a very light work load as Magistrate and has time to work as a Juvenile Defense attorney as well as coach several ball teams.

 The citizens of this county have been hoping that all this controversy was over and that Jackson would do as he said in the candidate forums, “be committed to the job.”  The problem is we’re just not sure which job he meant. 

 TWG urges you to contact your commissioner and ask them to vote no in spending more money for someone that makes $54,000 in salary already.

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