December 22, 2007

Dogs need homes

Did you know that well over 100,000 dogs per year are euthanized at various county shelters in or near metro Atlanta per year?  In Jasper County alone, there are over 100 pets euthanized monthly.  

Folks often make an emotional decision to buy a puppy at a pet store, and its likely source was a “puppy mill”.  Those same folks may not be prepared, or committed to the raising of that pup through its stages; putting up with it’s proper training, providing a quality of life for the dog, and practicing good flea, tick, and heartworm prevention as well as properly providing for its health care.

Failure to value a pet as a family member and devote proper time, care, veterinary needs, provide proper shelter, protection, concern and commitment, cause these helpless pets to be in trouble. No one should decide on impulse to have a pet, and those who do decide to have one, must acknowledge it is a long term commitment. There are those who refuse to spay and neuter, multiplying the problem of uncared for or improperly cared for dogs.

Folks interested in having a dog should seriously consider a rescue dog from a local shelter, or go online to find area breed rescue groups, or all breed rescues. One place to start is www.petfinder.com.

About a year ago the Animal Control Committee in Jasper County made many recommendations to the Commissioners, one being to put up pictures on the County Website of animals brought into the Shelter so they could be adopted.  Nothing has ever been done. 

One good soul in this county has taken it upon herself to check on the animals, take pictures and post them on “Craigslist,” hoping to see them adopted, rather than euthanized.  See some of the dogs that are in our Jasper County shelter right now—waiting for home.  If they are not adopted they will be put down.

See pictures and descriptions here: http://atlanta.craigslist.org/pet/515326835.html

Many perfect pets are just waiting for a home.  Bypass the pet stores.  Do something really good--Adopt a homeless pet!

The Jasper County Animal Control Shelter is open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9AM to 12Noon.  Their telephone number is 706-468-0396.


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