December 12, 2008


 TWG questions Jasper County’s hiring practices.  Jasper County advertised for an Administrative Assistant position which was to replace the Public Works secretary that left.  Sources tell us that over 80 applications were submitted for this job to the Human Resources person in the BOC office.  However, no one was ever interviewed for the Public Works position.  Instead the Planning & Zoning clerk was told she had the job.  The Planning & Zoning clerk left that office before Thanksgiving and showed up for work at Public Works on the following Monday.

Sources have also told TWG the HR person then decided that the applicants would automatically apply for the vacancy left at P&Z.  The HR person, not the department head, decided on the finalists who were “qualified” for the position and gave those applications to the P&Z Director.  Sources tell us the HR person and the newly hired administrative assistant are related.

TWG does not consider this to be a fair or feasible way to hire qualified applicants for positions.  TWG also questions hiring anyone in these economic times.  Attrition and vacancies should not be filled unless they are critical positions.  There appears to be a lack of work to be done at P&Z, and TWG further questions the need for an administrative assistant to be hired.  The P&Z director should be able to do any and all work required in that office without the assistance of a secretary.






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