November 30, 2007


 Even though the Commissioners and County Attorney met almost 2 weeks, the “proposed – subject to changes – County Charter” became available after 5:00PM today. It will be almost impossible for citizens to speak at the “Public Hearing” scheduled during the Commissioners meeting this coming Monday, December 3, 2007, at 9:00AM.

See Current Charter here: http://www.taxdogs.com/112807countycharter.pdf

See Proposed Charter & Summary of Changes here:

Main ChangesCommissioner’s salaries to double; Vacancies on the Board.

• Amendment to Development Ordinance implementing Conservation Design of Residential Subdivisions – Application 2007TA02 – First Reading.
• Request to rezone 1.10 acres located at 1873 Northeast St from Agriculture (AG) to Residential (R-4). Applicant(owner) Allen McGinnis.
• Amendment to Jasper County Enabling Legislation (Charter) & Submit to General Assembly
• Teenage Curfew— Commissioner Bernard
• Adopt Comprehensive Plan Partial Update
• Create Zoning Ordinance Committee and appoint members
• Jasper County Board of Assessors – 2 vacancies
• Recreation Department – Proposal to host 2008 Dixie Youth Tournament

TWG comment: It would be wise to insert more specific wording about when a Commissioner vacates his seat. In particular, how should it be determined if a Commissioner moves out of the district he was elected to represent? This was questioned when Wyatt was commissioner and is again being rumored about a current commissioner.

TWG urges citizens to attend this important BOC meeting.

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