NOVEBER 8, 2008

Patching has taken place on Jackson Lake Road.   The patching is very rough and the job was done sloppy.  It is hard to believe that there was 2 days of work in the patching that was done.  The patching was done in 2 places—from Hwy 16 go on
Jackson Lake Rd. Right after the public boat ramp and right after Martin’s Marina you will see the patching.

Repairs Sign

 Jackson Lake Rd. patchingJLRd patchingJLRd patch

(Pictures will enlarge if you click on them)

The transcripts of the minutes for the last few months do not show that this work was approved.  The BOC did approve putting out bids and authorizing the engineer to get State DOT funds in order to get Jackson Lake Rd paved.  Jackson Lake Rd. from Hwy 212 to Hwy 16 is a little more than 6 miles long and the engineer estimates it will cost over $1.7 million to resurface.  He is hoping to get $600,000 to help with the cost.

This road was not on the original SPLOST list that citizens voted on.  The question is, why spend all this money on patching when the engineer said the road would be torn up and redone when it was paved?  That would be similar to painting the barn before you tore it down. 



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