October 25, 2007


The Jasper County Commission approved the low bid of $1,224,520 to resurface 5 Jasper County roads at their 10/16/07 meeting. According to the Monticello News (10/18/07), “The first road scheduled for completion is Fellowship Road which is scheduled to be completed by December 1 of this year. Resurfacing of Parrott Drive, West Mourning Dove Court, both in Turtle Cove, and Apt-To-Miss Road, east of Monticello, is scheduled to be complete no later than January 31, 2008. The last road in this project is Pitts Chapel Road in northern Jasper County, which has a completion date for resurfacing of March 31, 2008.” Pitts Chapel Road has been a mess since the last group of Commissioners attempted to do much of the work in-house and then failed to listen to the paving contractor on certain issues. TWG has been informed that Jasper County will also buy Right-of-Way on Pitts Chapel Rd., with one large landowner having about 5 acres affected so some curves can be straightened out. Approximately 10 land owners will be affected and the cost of the ROW will be over $40,000. Each land owner along the 1.4 miles of Pitts Chapel Rd. will be asked to donate a width of 15 feet of ROW along their entire frontage.


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