OCTOBER 13, 2008



If you read the Monticello News article, County O.K.'s SPLOST Projects
(The Monticello News, Kathy Mudd 09.OCT.08), you might think that the BOC agreed to triple surface all county roads that have less than 1000 cars a day.  This is incorrect.  The BOC agreed that county roads with less than 1000 cars a day will get triple surface instead of asphalt IF and WHEN the county decides to pave a particular road. 

The Jasper County Commission has agreed to move forward with bidding the next Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) bid package.   There were several options and the option selected by the commissioners includes resurfacing Jackson Lake Road from Hwy. 16 to Hwy. 212; resurfacing County Line Road from Rocky Creek Road to Henderson Mill Rd.; and paving, with triple surface treatment (TST), parts of Jefferies Road, Deerfield Farms Road and Davidson Road.

According to the engineer, if the State Aid funds of $600,000 are not approved for Jasper County, Jackson Lake Road will not be resurfaced.  (Jackson Lake Road is estimated to cost $1,700,000 before State Aid funds.)

The ten original SPLOST roads approved by voters were:

These five (5) have been done: Parrot Dr., Apt to Miss Rd., Mourning Dove Ct.; Pitts Chapel Rd., and Fellowship Rd.

These five (5) have yet to be done: Deerfield Farms, E. Bullard Rd., Feldspar Rd., Post Rd., and Hodges Farm Rd.

Something interesting is that County Line Rd. has already been approved by the State for LARP funds.  Now the BOC has approved it for SPLOST funds too.  How this works out money-wise is unknown.

 The engineer presenting the options said that in order to get the roads done with the money available (remember SPLOST and Sales Tax Funds have fallen dramatically), Public Works employees would be doing most of the grading and some other activities for 3 or 4 months.  This probably means other roads in the county will not receive maintenance work during this time.  This also means it is imperative that the county finance department keep up with this work, use of equipment, etc. and the general fund be reimbursed for all costs out of SPLOST money. 

 Any expenses over and above what SPLOST brings in and what is spent will be paid by the county taxpayers!  SPLOST projects are supposed to stop if the money doesn’t materialize.  The County Manager said the Sales Tax Revenues were down around $20,000 a month; therefore, SPLOST revenues are also down and less than anticipated when planning all the projects—including soccer and baseball fields at Ted Sauls Park.

 The engineer’s project costs estimates ranged from $9.6 million for all Tier I and Tier II roads to $3.7 million for the remaining Tier I roads only.  Deficits would run from $5.4 million to $129,000.  The lower cost would include only doing parts of the road where people live and using Public Works for much of the work.



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