OCTOBER 4, 2008

Jasper County Schools Report Card

The Georgia Public Policy Foundation’s Report Card for Parents is primarily designed to give parents information about their schools. It also provides valuable information for discussions that will help parents make informed decisions about the quality of public education in Georgia.

See Jasper’s 2006-2007 report here:

(FTE= Full Time Equivalent or the number of students in each school)

See any school’s report here:

The 2006-2007 report ranks 1,190 elementary schools based on third grade test scores, 1,183 elementary schools based on fifth grade test scores, 486 middle schools based on eighth grade test scores and 380 high schools based on End-Of-Course-Test scores.

The Report Card: a) analyzes the factors most important to parents, b) reduces statistical information to a concise and understandable form, and c) presents information about Georgia’s elementary, middle and high schools that is accessible and easily comprehended.

The primary measure of student achievement in the report for elementary and middle schools is the average of the percentage of students passing the reading and math sections of the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT). This average is referred to as the Achievement Score.

For high schools, the Achievement Score is calculated based on student performance on all of the Georgia End-Of-Course-Tests. End-Of-Course-Tests are given in the following subjects: Ninth Grade Literature and Composition, American Literature and Composition, Algebra I, Geometry, Biology, Physical Science, United States History, and Economics/Business/Free Enterprise.

Jasper County High School ranks 267 out of 380 High Schools in the State in 2007-2008 school year. 

See how others around us rank here:

 See how any school system ranks here:

Please note the cost per child listed by school on these reports.  The lowest ranked school spends the most per child—almost $25,000 per child.  Jasper spends approximately $9900 per High School student and $8100 per Primary and Elementary School student.




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