August 8, 2012


 Some of the following videos may be disturbing.  What is more disturbing
is the lack of action by the BOC.  Citizens need to be aware of the findings
and question why there are investigations into everything and no accountability
of the
County Manager that is in charge of everything.

Animal Control has no accountability.  The animal control operation appears
to be very poor at keeping records of its operation.   Nothing can be substantiated.



How are our animals being put to sleep at the shelter? 
The director uses a method to prolong suffering.



BOC lack of oversight is noted by the Committee.  No follow through and no oversight has
led to problems and questionable procedures.



The lone defender of the animal control officer speaks.  She worked for two or three weeks while
the animal control officer was out.  The call logs are the ones she kept while she worked, not what the Animal Control
shelter had.  She says that shelter animals are not like other animals and may not get the same medical treatment.



Animal Control Committee Chair tells why she brought up the
things she did and talks about leaks and how things get turned around to
make it all look good.



BOC to investigate allegations of Animal Control committee and hold another
meeting 8/14/12 at 5:00PM, but they did accept committee recommendations. 
Will these actually be implemented? The County Manager will also be evaluated
by the BOC at that meeting





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