July 22, 2012


It Seems Dan Jordan, Clerk of Courts, Never Lets the Facts Get in the Way of Defending Magistrate Ken Jackson

Dan Jordan, Clerk of Courts, is doing all he can to discredit any facts that don’t put Magistrate Ken Jackson in a positive light.  He uses his blog
called “The Committee to Re-elect Dan Jordan” to defend, protect, and cover up for Ken Jackson.  In fact his blog has rarely ever been about anything else other than Ken Jackson over the past 6 years. 

In his most recent blog Dan Jordan writes that the TV-5 Investigation about Ken Jackson was all false, in fact he says it was bogus.  Dan Jordan also says Former Governor Roy Barnes (a lawyer), who wrote the Magistrate law when he was a Legislator, doesn’t know what he’s talking about when it comes to interpreting the law.  In fact Dan says Governor Barnes “misrepresented the intent of the law.”  That happens to be because the law doesn’t say that Ken Jackson can work out of the county, coach ball, be out of town at ball games, and still say he works 40 hours a week as a full time magistrate.  Governor Barnes said a full time magistrate should be in the office during “normal working hours.”


Dan even calls an ethicist “hapless” because he didn’t agree with Dan’s version of what our magistrate, Ken Jackson, could do either.  Of course Dan is the ever diligent ethical person.  Overspending his budget by 10’s of 1000’s of dollars year after year and threatening the BOC with a lawsuit every time they try to cut out  such things as bottled water or asking that everyone use a postage meter.  Instead Dan writes checks for $800 (and more) at a time for postage that no one can actually find out how it is used.


Here’s a copy of Dan Jordan, Clerk of Courts, blog – Committee to “Re-elect Dan Jordan”--
  Tabloid TV

Today, July 21, 2012, 4 hours ago | noreply@blogger.com (Jasper County Clerk of Courts)Go to full article


Tim Lam mentions "embarrassing news reports on TV" in his most recent ad.  Surely he is not refering to a false tabloid tv report that was on television almost 5 years ago!  That report was bogus.  Roy Barnes got up there and misrepresented the intent of the law, the hapless ethicist, Mr. Cunningham, discussed a situation he had no knowledge of and Mary Patrick told about events that never happened.  The election was held right after that.  The tabloid TV report was the main issue and Judge Jackson won overwhelmingly.  No one believes those tv shows.  They are entertainment only.  Not news.  Everyone knows that. The only person that report embarrassed was Mary Patrick. The whole community was laughing at her in much the same way it is laughing at her now over the Baxter groundbreaking issue.

At the recent forum Ken Jackson said he heard 97-98% of all Magistrate cases; yet the Monticello News reported, with figures from Dan Jordan himself, that Ken only heard about 52% of the cases.  How does Dan Jordan defend that one?  It makes one wonder how honest the judge is.

How about answers to these questions, Dan?

  1. How is it that Ken Jackson is out of the county doing indigent defense work almost daily, yet he draws a full time check from Jasper County?  Oh, he works at night?  Why hasn’t he ever been willing to prove it by keeping up with his time?
  2. Why does Ken Jackson draw a separate check from Jasper County for indigent defense in both Probate Court and Juvenile Court while on the clock as a Magistrate?  Isn’t this double dipping?
  3. How legal was it for Ken Jackson to even run for Magistrate in 2008 (and maybe in 2012) when he owed both the Federal and State government back taxes?  Two recent court rulings have disallowed two lawyers to run as a judge for owing back taxes.  In 2008 Ken swore under oath he didn’t owe any monies. 

NE Georgia Judicial Candidate Ruled Ineligible
July 13, 2012 10:00 am

John Christopher NeSmith as been ruled ineligible to run for Superior Court Judge in the Northern Judicial District.  The challenge to NeSmith’s candidacy was brought in June by a Madison county voter and attorney Lane Fitzpatrick.  In his filing, Fitzpatrick said records showed liens were placed on NeSmith for state and federal taxes totaling more than $111,000 dating back to 2003.  NeSmith had filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy in March 2011.

   Judge says Fulton judicial candidate disqualified over taxes
   July 17, 2012  Bill Rankin - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A state administrative law judge ruled Monday that Atlanta lawyer Clarence R. Johnson Jr. is disqualified to run for a Fulton County judgeship because of unpaid taxes. Johnson is challenging Superior Court Judge Todd Markle, and the non-partisan race is to be decided July 31.  But Administrative Law Judge Michael Malihi upheld a challenge to Johnson's candidacy and ordered his name removed from the ballot.


Dan Jordan is running as an independent.  He makes over $80,000 a year.  If someone would run as an independent against Dan, the county would probably save $35,000 a year in salary alone.  If you get the right person, the county could save another $25,000 or more in overspending in the Clerk of Courts office. 


If anyone is interested in running as an Independent, check with the Probate Court for forms and the number of signatures needed.  You have until August 2nd to turn in your signatures and qualify as an independent.  Jasper County government is in need of honest, ethical people.




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