July 18, 2012




a  few months ago,  there was a lot of controversy about the County Manager and the EMS director.  The TWG sent out information about it including videos and websites.

The BOC then made a press release and said they were investigating this and would let us all know about the outcome.  At the 7/2/12 meeting Mr. Forsythe asked the Commissioners just what has happened to the EMS investigation as well as the building inspector investigation.  Of course there were no answers by the BOC.  Watch video here:


During the EMS controversy Jack Bernard implied that Comm. Patrick had leaked executive session information and that Juanita Gazaway with TWG called Jeff Bratcher.  We think these accusations were made by Mr. Bernard to try to cover up what he was doing.  Read the following email sent to a citizen by Mr. Bernard in response to questions raised about EMS by the citizen:

From: Jack Bernard [mailto:bernard_jack@hotmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2012 9:35 AM
To: Dennis Horion
Subject: SPAM-LOW: private, just betwen us


Dennis, I have been very close to Jeff. I knew him before he became EMS Director and encouraged him to apply for the job.
He is extremely well qualified and did a great job at EMS. And, I have been advocating at numerous BOC meetings, including yesterday, that the EMS people be given a raise in that they are underpaid and perform at a high level now.
Jeff quit a couple of years ago. I invited him over to my house and talked him into withdrawing his resignation. He is the last person that I wanted to leave.
When he failed to return to work this time, I tried to get him to come back. If he could work things out with his supervisor, which is doubtful, I would still like him back.
Dennis, you are capable and can do a lot of good in this community, if you want to do so.
We need an advocate for the kids, especially the abused ones. There are some wonderful people who are already involved. Tracy Travillo, formerly of Family Connection, comes to mind. For the good of the children, please place your efforts there in a positive way. 


From: dennishorion@att.net
To: bernard_jack@hotmail.com
CC: awcatlanta@hotmail.com; marypatrick@wildblue.net; cpennamon@yahoo.com; cdavidhill@yahoo.com
Subject: RE: EMS, Health Services
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2012 22:49:28 -0400

  I applaud your efforts and find the discussion is missing the strategic vision necessary for an effective legislator.  Your job is to provide effective oversight of the function.  You have been a miserable failure as a Board about managing your organization.  Greg Woods must be terminated for exposing the County to lawsuits and poor service due to the unprecedented interference of his wife and daughter in the program’s affairs.  Imagine an attorney cross examining both his wife and daughter for the role in a wrongful termination suit.  Both ladies discussing their superior expertise over a combat medic is going to be a show stopper for a jury.  Get the Benjamins out!  No insurance company is going to take this to court.  You collectively should have fired him instead of assigning the supervision of the function to Ms. Smith.

  From now on, we will refer to Greg as Dead Wood.  He is about as useful to your political careers as dead wood.  How do you justify this insult to the community?  We do not want our EMS service the object of a stupid contest you and your colleagues have failed to address.  Get some votes together to do something of value now.      Greg has failed to give us the answers we have sought.  Ms. Smith cannot seem to send me the information requested.  Please have her forward earlier e-mails she sent so we can identify the whether she was honest when she said she sent us the requested information.

  You are going to join Carl in receiving some attention one way or the other.  I propose we celebrate some real action instead of hiding in plain sight.  We want answers to our questions. 



So, Jack Bernard knew the EMS director before he was hired, had him to his house, tried to get him to come back to work, etc., etc.  Isn’t this the interference that Jack keeps talking about and implying others are doing?   Is this something the Ethics Committee should be looking into?


The public is still waiting for the results of the investigation.  Who is investigating and what are they investigating or do we have a commissioner that is trying to cover it all up?


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