July 12, 2012



Remember, it is NOT a one-cent sales tax—it is a ONE PERCENT sales tax.  There is a difference.  It is not a penny, it is a penny for EVERY DOLLAR you spend on anything you buy for the next 10 years.

What will it be used for in Jasper County?  A bypass that has been on the State “to do list” for years and still never happened?  A passing lane that has been on the GDOT books for several years, yet doesn’t exist? 

A map of the projects in our region is here:


You will have to enlarge the map to see where the blue lines are.  For Jasper the long line along Hwy 83 does not mean the entire road will be 2 lane, it just means that there will be a passing lane somewhere along the line.  NONE OF THE JASPER COUNTY PROJECTS ARE FULLY FUNDED.  WHERE WILL THE REST OF THE MONEY COME FROM TO FUND THE PROJECTS?  ALL OUR DOT REP SAID WAS “OTHER SOURCES”.  Those other sources will be from YOUR POCKETBOOK!


More legislators and candidates and organizations are coming out against a proposed transportation sales tax on the July 31 ballot

 AGAINST—Sierra Club, NAACP, Tea Party, many candidates, and State Legislators.

What Georgians don’t hear from groups promoting the TSPLOST is, as the Georgia Public Policy Foundation (GPPF) noted in its study on the referendum (p.16), a little more than half of money would be doled out for mass transit.

 Georgia Senate majority leader now against transportation sales tax

Chip Rogers said T-SPLOST won't solve Atlanta congestion and won't provide enough funding


 Prominent lawmakers blast transportation referendum

Posted: Jul 09, 2012 6:09 PM EDT Updated: Jul 10, 2012 7:13 AM EDT

By Christopher King - email


Rogers and the Transportation Leadership Coalition held a press conference Monday morning to criticize the proposal, calling it a tax hike that doesn't solve the transportation problems.

Sen. Vincent Fort, the democratic whip, originally voted to put the transportation on the ballot as well. On Monday he called the proposal "a bad idea" because it would saddle Fulton and DeKalb counties with heavier tax burdens.

Blake Aued - Athens Banner-Herald June 21, 2012

 “He (Barrow County Chairman) opposes the 1 percent tax, even though he helped put together the list of Northeast Georgia projects it would fund.”

Barrow County Commission Chairman Danny Yearwood, a Republican who’s running against state Sen. Frank Ginn, R-Danielsville, said at a Jackson County Chamber of Commerce forum Tuesday night that he opposes the 1 percent tax, even though he helped put together the list of Northeast Georgia projects it would fund.


Opponents of the measure are skeptical of the government's ability to manage the funds and have questioned how much control over the 25 percent discretionary funding will be in place if the measure passes.  How much will the counties really receive?  The State will received billions as its share.


Before you vote and think all our county roads are going to be paved, and that we get a passing lane, and the bypass will be completed, read other information.  It will be the biggest tax increase in Georgia history.  No one knows exactly how it works but they want you to pass it anyway.

The DOT already has 10,000 projects on their books and according to Jim Cole, can only do about 80 a year.  Where will the Jasper County projects fit into this list?

The tax covers a 10 year period. The funds are totaled for the region, then allocated based upon 75% a “constrained investment list of projects and 25% discretionary funds based upon an 80% non-state road miles per county and 20% based upon population. Funds are collected by the Georgia Department of Revenue, then transferred to the Georgia Finance and Investment Commission for distribution.  Confusing? You bet. That is intentional.

 Here is the evaluation, from a cost recovery point of view of why TSPLOST is an abomination:



 Local governments have no idea how they’ll spend their portion of the TSPLOST

Local governments will receive around $1 billion of the ~$7 billion that we will pay in increased taxes if the TSPLOST passes.  And citizens are naturally interested to see what that $1 billion will provide.  Well, it turns out that more than half of the 78 areas don’t have a project list at all. 

$1 billion of our tax dollars is a lot of money.  How can government ask us to volunteer to pay higher taxes when they can’t even tell us how they’ll spend the money?

Be informed.  Get all the information you can.  Read many sources and vote wisely.  You will be taxed for 10 years on everything you buy if this tax is passed and our local politicians will decide which roads the money will be used on. 


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