June 30, 2012



This is a letter to the editor that appeared in the June 28, 2012 edition of "The Monticello News."   Unfortunately, the news left out the pictures.

An Open Letter to All of Jasper County

I am fixing to tell what I found at the Animal Control Shelter on Monday around 11:00AM 6/25/12.  I am a member of the Animal Control Committee.  This Committee has been formed with the help of the Jasper County Commissioners to try and detect all problems and ways to solve and fix all problems.  We have been working with the Director Kelley Bowen and she has assured each and every one of us that the animals are being taken care of.  When we have planned visits, things are not perfect showing areas that need help.  However with two unscheduled visits happening this week.  One on Sunday 6/24 and mine on Monday 6/25 we found horrific conditions.  I took pictures, however the pictures do not show how horrific the conditions the animals were in and the mistreatment of all of them.  

The Dogs were in better shape than the cats.  The cats have basically been thrown in cages and left there to live in filth with no food and water. They had not been feed since Friday noon 6/22/12. They are given approximately 20 ounces of litter in a box which does not even cover the bottom, of the pan much less give them any to cover their waste.  Anyone that has any knowledge of cats whatsoever knows a cat covers their waste.  Instead of putting the correct amount needed and scooping the waste they throw in a large cup full and toss it out occasionally. 

The odor in the cat room is so strong with Ammonia from the feces and urine it knocks you down.  When you walk in the room the cats are all climbing the cages and crying begging for food, water and attention. 

Here is a picture of just one of cats, desperate for food and water


Here's another with dried food on his face.  The brown on his face is dried food not his color.  He is orange/yellow all over.

Dried food

I grabbed a handful (several actually) and tossed a little food in each cage to give them something immediately until all could be handled properly.  Myself, my niece Rose Ashby Harris, Sheila Fielding from a neighboring shelter and Christy the shelter worker (I may be misspelling her name) started working on getting them all tended to.  I socialized each and every cat on the premises and put some food in bowls.  My nieces feed and watered all of them.  Sheila handled the litter boxes and Christy cleaned the actual cages.  Together we got them all happy.  

Rose and I also went and gave each cage a blanket or towel etc so they would have something besides the hard floor of the cage. Each and every one of these cats are loving animals.  None were mean as I had been lead to believe; only mistreated and scared to death.

Christy told me that she had little knowledge of cats as she was a dog person.  I understand that and gave her some tips on what cats need.  When I left, things still needed help and improvement, but the cats were not in filth and had plenty of food and water and something soft to lie on.  They were not climbing the cages begging and crying for food.

They do not get any exercise nor human contact and ate up all the love and attention that I gave them while things were being improved.  These animals need so much more.  They have no toys, no room to play even if they did have a toy. 

In one of these pictures, it appears they euthanize the animals on top of this rusted molded old freezer.  I guess they throw them in the freezer once done until they can dispose of them.   You cannot tell it is a freezer in the picture, but that is what it is.

Here is a picture of the freezer


If we are going to have a shelter in this county, we need better personnel running the facility and a whole bunch of volunteers to help out.  There is way too much for one little part time person to do by themselves. 

We need to come together as a community and separate the dogs and the cats and give all of them a better chance to be adopted out.  Who wants to go to a shelter and adopt a filthy starving animal?  These animals are living creatures and deserve so much more. I would not doubt that some of these animals had it better before they were brought to our so called shelter. 

Right now I understand completely why the little kitten I adopted two weeks ago has issues with the human race.  I have yet to earn her trust even though she is the most mild manner kitten any one could ask for.   I just pray in time that she will forget the horrific weeks she spent at our shelter and realize she has found Kitty Cat Heaven at the Morrison residence.

Oh by the way….Where was Kelley during my visit?  I was told she had gone to Eatonton.  They did not know why.  She did not take an animal and she was not picking one up.  She drove up in our truck as I left about 1:30PM

I cried for these animals the rest of the day and night and I am wiping tears while typing this out.

Gay Morrison

A Horrified Jasper County Taxpayer

Animal Control Committee Member


There are so many other problems at our Animal Control Shelter, including a director that is never there.  No one supervises the staff or the director.  What are our commissioners thinking?


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