June 28, 2012




Here is a recent letter to the Editor.  Everyone in Jasper County should be aware of the real conditions that are at the Animal Shelter.  The trouble is those that discover the problems are now being targeted.


A NOTE ON ANIMAL CONTROL  (The Monticello News, June 28, 2012)


Upon the request of a concerned member of the current Animal Control Committee, I visited the JCAC Shelter to do a walk through, at about 10:00 AM Sunday, June 24th, to find JR doing weekend shift, which means, come in 4 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday to check to see if animals are OK, clean and feed to be DONE BY NOON. 


I identified who I was, JR admitted me into the facility, and proceeded to give me a tour. Others present were Kristy, Animal Control employee, and Skiler, Community Service worker with a friend he brought to train. It is now 10:30 and no cages have been cleaned and no food or water has been given. Visibly, nothing has been done, yet.


I heard that (even though JR and Kristy have no training), they go on solo animal pick-ups and JR stated that it was Kelly's intention to "train" JR herself in giving and receiving meds to the animals. It is my opinion that we need more qualified personnel associated with JCAC. For this reason, I am introducing the idea of adding Personnel to our SOPs in Animal Control Committee.


There were cages with four feral cats outside in the covered area with no food and no water which caught my immediate attention. JR was afraid of being scratched and seemed to think that Kelly would take care of them on Monday.  I asked what happens to these cats, he didn't know. I insisted on fresh food and water immediately. I felt if their destination was to be euthanized, the least they deserved was humane care before this takes place. Skiler was very helpful and prompt to assist with giving food and water till Monday morning.


I toured the facility and 15 kennels had dogs in them with one empty kennel. Two puppies a few months old (cowering in a corner of the cold cement kennel) and one puppy about 4 months old. I asked if JR would have a chance to interact with the puppies today. He said they are not allowed to go outside and that he just puts them in another cage while he cleans the cement kennel and then puts them back in their kennel.  This meant there was no opportunity for human interaction.


There were 'tons' of kittens in another room that JR took me into and I observed there was NO food and NO water. One had gotten out of the cage and was running around hiding uncaptured. I can only hope that at the end of JR's shift, he would turn over the litter boxes that were full, clean the crates and give food and water to each separate cage. There is clearly no human interaction for these precious kitties.




This was witnessed by myself, JR, Kristy, Skiler, and friend.


Twice I asked about a side room that I viewed during my last visit to Animal Control.  Each time JR said that this was the medicine room and walked past. I returned to the room. The door was cracked and I noticed movement and upon pushing the door open, I found kittens in two crates with no food nor water. THERE WAS A DEAD KITTEN IN THE BOTTOM CRATE. This kitten was flattened and drying out, so it had been dead for several days. There were at least five or six kittens climbing over this kitten and climbing up the walls of the cage. Again, there was no food and no water in the cages, and apparently no attention for several days.




I asked that I be present to see that proper attention was given to this situation, so that I could be reassured that this was taken care of and reassured that the remaining kittens got IMMEDIATE attention, food and water! 


Unfortunately, JR disappeared. I came to the front area to find him on the phone with Kelly. I asked to speak with her. She refused. I asked that she call me and I gave JR my cell phone number. No call. To my dismay, instead of addressing the obvious concerns, she placed a false report to the police to remove me from the premise. Unfortunately, Billy Bryant the attending police officer, made no attempt to assess the situation and I was promptly escorted from the building. There was clearly no criminal activity that warranted police involvement. 


I do know that SOMEONE needs to be there on Monday morning and every morning, when the building opens to the public, to do an check-up on ALL the animals in that building. I do not feel confident that animals in our current Animal Control Shelter are receiving attention and care that they deserve. There needs to be a walk through of ALL rooms, including the MEDICINE ROOM to make sure ALL animals cages have been cleaned and given fresh water and food DAILY!  


Julia M. Haar

Animal Control Committee 


Do you remember when County Manager, Greg Wood, threatened Linda Bell constantly with citations, court, and various other threats while concealing what happened under the veil of “investigation”? (There was never a citation written and there was never a court date.)



Now it appears he is doing the same thing to another citizen because she uncovered a dead kitten, animals that had no food and water for several days, and other bad conditions at the Animal Shelter. TWG hears that Greg Wood has told this citizen that there have been criminal charges filed against her for trespassing at the Animal Shelter, and there are rumors the Sheriff is investigating.


So the Sheriff is going to investigate this incident in which a citizen uncovered willful neglect on the part of the Animal Control Officer (ACO), but failed to investigate anything about the Linda Bell case where the ACO trespassed on private property, bullied and threatened her way into a private residence without a search warrant, and took pictures inside the residence?    


These incidents show a complete cover up by our county government.  The citizen is now the bad guy and the problems she uncovered are not being investigated, but the fact that she discovered them is now a legal issue and is being investigated according to an email she received from a commissioner.   Remember, the ACO makes $17.25 an hour.  No one seems to know exactly what she does other than ride around in the county truck.


This is the Jasper County Way, and more cover ups will continue until new Commissioners are elected.  This is the reason you need to get out and vote.  Jasper County citizens deserve better!



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