May 14, 2013


At the BOC meeting Monday night (5/13/13), closing the landfill was discussed and a plan already seems to be in place to do so. 

The county received a letter from SPUR about the cost for work at the landfill.  The letter stated that it would cost $108,585 to move the fiberboard and to close cell #1.  Comm. Trammell asked, “Does this seal up everything we got?”  The answer was, “Yes.” It was stated that “then going forward the only expense would be the monitoring.”  Comm. Salmon says this is his understanding as well in conversations with EPD.

 See video here.

Comm. Luke wanted to find out if it could be done cheaper and then close it.  Comm. Salmon says he is still waiting on the EPD to review the proposal about moving stuff to EarthPak.  All commissioners seemed to agree that landfill will be closed.  All members know that the county will have to monitor the landfill for years to come. 

Comm. Henry brought up there was another $9000 for hydroseed.  The BOC wants to bid out the work and have a not to exceed price. 

Comm. Salmon finished the conversation with the county “could sell the permit to another company or lease it out.  Let them deal with it."

 See video here.   Comm. Salmon on speakerphone.

If another company does buy or lease the landfill, there will be no control over what will be brought into this county to dump in the landfill.  There was also no mention of what the public would do with construction materials, old mattresses, and other junk for the landfill.  Will the county provide a place for disposal of these items and how much will that cost?

It is truly bothersome that issues like this come up at budget meetings no one attends and the public is in the dark.  It is also bothersome that these issues have been well discussed in private before they come out in public.  Such comments as “we’ve all talked about this” beg the question, “When did you talk about it?”  There is very little if any transparency with this BOC.

The next BOC meeting is Tuesday, May 21 at 6:30PM.  On the agenda is funding the JCWSA, RFP for privatizing EMS, discussing possible double dipping for a magistrate employee, and accepting bids on a batwing mower. 


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