May 8, 2013

NOTE: There will be a called BOC meeting on Monday, May 13 at 5:00PM

Community Service Program to Pick up Trash, Budget Discussion, New Motorgraders, Public Works Raises

Observations of the BOC Meeting May 6th –Part II


Sheriff Pope--Community Service Program—Sheriff Pope will make a lot of people happy implementing this program.  He said there would be a risk of liability, but he would have precautions in place.  All people having to do community service would now have a $1 fee per hour of service added to their fines and those agreeing would be picking up trash in various places in county on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.  There would be a Sheriff’s deputy with each detail.  See video here.


Budget discussion—There were many items discussed during this session, but the bottom line was there was still $311,000 to cut.  Only one department responded to the request for cuts—the Extension Service.  All departments and offices were asked to respond with 3-5% cuts.  EMS responded they could raise fees to increase revenue rather than cut the budget.  Any new EMS rates would have to be approved by BOC.  See video here.


Citizen Comments --There were questions concerning the procedure and specs for the equipment bids that were to be approved.  Two citizens spoke about wanting to bid but never got specs. 
See video here and here.


Approval of Bids:

Bids were opened on 4/25/13 for a Bushcutter and a Tractor w/ a single batwing mower.  There were questions among the BOC after hearing from two citizens questioning the specs of the bids.  It seems there were no hard line specs to speak of.   The commissioners also wanted to know about warranties on the equipment.  One bidder didn't include a warranty, while another did.   All bidders will be asked to give warranty information. 

The BOC approved the bid of $78,550 for the Bushcutter from Hays Tractor but will discuss the other equipment at the meeting called for May 13 at 5:00PM. 


No bids were solicited for the Motorgraders the BOC is planning on buying.  Cat offers contract pricing.  There were 3 options with option #2--3 new MG obtained and trade in 3 current MG-- being the option suggested.  Ms. Smith was concerned that the county did not have staff to operate 4 MG.  Comm. Henry wants to look at what goes on at PW and see what we have.  Comm. Trammell said they were not running 1000 hours a year now on each MG and commented that “we need to get these things on the road and working.”  Comm. Salmon brought up training again, but it is time the BOC asked, “How much training is necessary before you realize someone can't do the job?”  This item was put off until the BOC can schedule a work session at PW to see what they have and what is being done. 
See video of the discussion here.


Public Works has a new Director and some are given raises

The HR report shows the following raises for some in the PW Dept.  Some employees seem to be getting more frequent raises than other county employees.

Pay Rate Changes:

Preston Campbell $3.99 increase

Eric Gude $2.00 increase

Karl Jefferson $1.00 increase

Willie Pennamon $1.00 increase

Gregory Robinson $1.50 increase

Kerry Sands $1.00 increase

Arckel Stewart $1.00 increase

The BOC has a policy that any raise over $2.00 per hour must be approved by the BOC.  This was not done as there is nothing in the minutes.  Upon questioning the raise for Mr. Preston Campbell, it was revealed that the BOC had made him Director of Public Works.  This was never discussed or voted on in public meeting.


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