May 7, 2013

JCWSA, Old Washington Park School, Recreation Plan

Observations of the BOC Meeting May 6th –Part I

Citizen Comments --
Washington Park School—BOC was asked if they had gotten a letter of abatement for the asbestos?  Asked BOC not to put this on the citizens.  See video here.

The Litigation reason for every executive session was questioned.  The county only has 2 lawsuits-- LOST which seemed to have already been decided and one against the Sheriff’s office.

There were comments about JCWSA and how their enabling legislation states it should stand on its own and pay for itself with revenues from system.  Population projections were also questioned. 
See video here, then watch the video with JCWSA engineer Frank Sherill below.


Presentation by Jasper County Water Authority

Frank Sherill, JCWSA engineer, said they were exploring water resources in Jasper County and projects in the next 5 years.  He said the county needed to increase its supply of water. (Note: In 2012 JCWSA bought 20,715,000 gallons and sold 16,030,000 gallons for the year and had approximately 360 customers.  The customer base is less than what JCWSA estimated they would start up with in 2003, which was 440.)  See letter to USDA here.

Frank Sherill accompanied Tommy Craig to Jasper County in December 2003 to convince our BOC and the public how desperately we needed Bear Creek Reservoir and more water.  They predicted in the year 2013 that there would be 20,820 people in Jasper County and that JCWSA would have over 5900 customers.  His spill was similar at the May 6th meeting.  Watch video here.

Mr. Sherrill said there was plenty of loan money out there at favorable rates—1.4% for 30 years.  (Note: JCWSA can not pay the debt they have now; therefore the need for a Fire District tax bringing in over $48,000 a year to help them.)  He also said we will get a residential presence from Baxter.  He ended with, “We are working on your behalf to use resources in county.  JCWSA will be on ready.”


   Old Washington Park School – Ms. Smith said the BOC needed to let the School Board know their intentions about the building.  Comm. Henry suggested they have a walk through.  Comm. Trammell said it has to be a plus for “our plan,” but “he had tried to get rid of old school buildings all his career, not take them over.”  Comm. Pennamon wants to move forward and gave reasons why this was a good building.  Comm. Trammell said, "We don't even know what we want to do with it."  He also said there is asbestos in there –in the 8x8 floor tiles—and someone had stripped all the copper wiring out of the gym.  The BOC still agreed to do a walk through once a date and time was set up.

Watch video of this discussion here


Northeast Georgia Regional Commission – Recreation Plan Proposal

The BOC approved spending matching funds of $1200 to pay NEGRC to prepare a Recreation Plan.  DCA approval of $13,200 of the cost via a grant should be known by May 31st.  NEGRC won't begin until July 1 to work on the plan.  The comment from the BOC was “Put up or shut up about Recreation” and they voted 5-0 to move forward with this plan.  See video here of discussion. 


Several things that came up in this meeting revealed that the BOC is going to have a very difficult time replacing the organizational skills, financial skills, finesse and knowledge of Lorri Smith.



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