April 29, 2008

How about a Las Vegas Vacation at Taxpayer’s Expense?

 If you have business at the Planning & Zoning office this week, don’t expect to find the director there.  He’s in Las Vegas at taxpayer’s expense this week. 

 County Taxpayers cost for hotel -$815.32.

County Taxpayers cost for plane trip -$333.50.

County Taxpayers cost for registration - $775.00 which includes a $50 fee for filing a paper form instead of via the internet.

            Total paid by taxpayers $1923.82 so far.

            See invoices here: http://www.taxdogs.com/CAndersonLasVegas.pdf

 While the P&Z Director Chris Anderson is away, taxpayers will also pay his salary and per diem for his meals.

 This is the type of expense taxpayers should not have to pay for.  Seminars and classes are one thing; a 5-day trip to Las Vegas is another. 

 Surely an appropriate seminar would have been available in Georgia and at much less expense.  Are these seminar classes beneficial and appropriate for Jasper County’s needs?

Commissioners signed these checks.  One must question the reason this was approved by the Commissioners and the County Manager.  Taxpayer’s money should be spent on items that benefit the county as a whole and not for any one individual’s  “vacation.”


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