April 26, 2008


Citizens have been confused for years about just what voting district they are in.

Many areas that used to be District 5 represented by Tom McLean—including his residence--became District 4.  Areas below Shady Dale that used to be District 2 are now in District 3.  People living on opposite sides of the street are in different districts.

If you are not really sure, call the Registrar’s office 706-468-4908 and find out what district you are in.  It appears as if every District will have new candidates running for Commissioner along with the incumbents and citizens should know who they can vote for and who would represent their area of the County.

Below is a map showing where the Districts are located.

District 1 – Orange

District 2 – Gold

District 3 – Green

District 4 – Yellow

District 5 – Purple

People living in the City of Monticello will have to know exactly where they live as District 1, 2, and 4 all have areas in the City.

 Voting Districts

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