April 5, 2013


March Check Register

Here is the  March check register .  Please look it over and see how much the county is paying for training and registrations--over $5000 in March alone.  Some of this training is little more than a big get together and networking meeting, but it is costing taxpayer's plenty.   If those that are commissioners had ever attended any meetings before deciding to run, they probably would not have had to be “trained” quite so much.   Other employees attend annual meetings and various "training" meetings.  The hotel bills run quite high.

The taxpayers are now paying for DirecTv at the Jackson Lake fire station.  Previously this was handled in some other way, but not by the taxpayers.  See invoice here.  You can see on the invoice it says “County taking over.”   911 has always had a TV service, but the cost comes out of the employee’s checks.  The taxpayers are taking over paying for Station 1.  How many more will follow?

Smith & Sons Funeral Home usually transports bodies to the crime lab; they were paid $320 per body in March.  Evergreen Funeral Home charged $100 and $125 per body it appears.  At the March 18 BOC meeting the commissioners were told the county was paying $475 per body by our County Manager, encouraging them to buy a vehicle for the Coroner to "save money."  See video here of the vote at April 1 meeting:



The BOC will start working on the county budget for July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014.  It will be interesting to see how it ends up as the BOC has purchased something at most every BOC meeting since taking office and there was a comment that some things would be funded at a higher rate.  The first budget meeting will be Tuesday, April 9 at 5:00PM.  The second one will be Monday, April 15 at 5:00PM. 



The BOC not only votes alike, they now dress alike.  At the April 1st meeting they all had on look alike shirts with a big county emblem on the left and their names embroidered on the right.  You can see them by watching this video:




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