March 20, 2012


The Monticello News ran an article in last week's paper concerning events between county manager, Greg Wood, and EMS Director, Jeff Bratcher.  If you didn't read the article, you should!

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EMS Director, Jeff Bratcher, spoke at the BOC meeting March 19th.  This is after he has lost his job.
Watch video: "Terminated County Employee addresses the BOC"

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There is also a new website about county manager, Greg Wood.  You can read the long version of  what has happened over the months to EMS Director, Jeff Bratcher at the hands of Greg Wood.  You can also leave comments on this site.  

Mr. Bratcher has told others and it was reported in the newspaper that he was promised a meeting between himself, the county attorney, the chairman and vice-chairman of the Board of Commissioners.  It is alleged that that meeting never happened, but Mr. Bratcher was terminated anyway.  TWG has obtained a copy of the letter.

See letter here:  Administrative Leave

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There are two sides to every story, but it seems something is very wrong in Jasper County. This EMS situation is a repeat of what happened at Animal Control with Karen Bryant about a year ago.  It appears that when Greg Wood gets it in for someone, he does anything to get rid of them, it doesn't matter how good of an employee they are.  What is our BOC doing in all this?  From what we saw at the meeting, nothing!  


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