March 1, 2013


Jasper County has 7 fire stations, and each fire station in the county has a fire engine.  

Station 1—Jackson Lake Road near Turtle Cove—Fire Engine #1

Station 2—Shady Dale—Fire Engine #2

Station 3—Monticello, Hwy 212 W across from Piedmont Academy—Fire Engine #3

Station 4—Hillsboro—Fire Engine #4

Station 5—Piedmont district on Smithboro Rd. near Hwy 212 E—Fire Engine #5

Station 6—North Alcovy district—Fire Engine #6

Station 7—Farrar on Hwy 142—Fire Engine #7

After reading through many of the fire reports from the past few months, it became obvious that Fire Engine #4 never responds to any fires.  Fire engine #4 is located in the Hillsboro fire house but does not respond to any of the fires in or near Hillsboro.  Tanker #4 from Hillsboro does respond, but not the fire engine.

This seemed to be odd, but there is a very good reason why fire engine #4 does not respond.  The reason is that is has not worked for many years, but this fact seems to have been covered up.  No one can recall if the Fire Chief ever reported this problem, or if this problem was hidden on the required reports.



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