February 29, 2008 


The Commissioners March 3 Agenda shows the item:
1.      Request from Superior Court Clerk to fund additional position

NOTE: This Request was Denied 3/3/08

The Clerk, Dan Jordan, is asking for another position under his control. 

The Clerk already has a 2008 Salaries Budget of $209,300.  
This does not include health insurance on those salaries or workers comp or retirement  costs.  The Clerk already has 5 people working in his office; he makes one more for a total staff of SIX people.  Here are the salaries in the Clerk’s office for 2008:

 Dan Jordan - $76233             Linda Gasses - $29843         Angie Nelson - $23953

Kerrell Bunn - $20473             Chrissy Pitts - $22687            Latonya Little - $21831

The clerk also "oversees" the Magistrate's office.  Is this why he needs more staff, so he can make sure someone covers for the Magistrate while he is coaching or at a ball game?  Baseball has started now and the Jasper County Magistrate is listed as a coach on the roster.  He was also considered HEAD Coach of the Jr. Varsity Basketball team.  

Maybe the Clerk just  needs someone to cover in the mornings when the Magistrate is out and about in the other counties making money as a Juvenile Defender.  

The Magistrate has a  2008 budget for salaries of $79,700.

Again, this does not include health insurance, retirement, and workers comp costs.  The Magistrate, Ken Jackson makes $74,100.  The salary figure does not include the “Assistant” Magistrate Judge, Angie Nelson who makes $22.22 per hour for filling in for Ken Jackson when he is not in the office.  For the month of January, according to the response to an open records request, Angie Nelson was paid $666.00 as Assistant Magistrate in additional to her regular salary. 

It is the opinion of TWG and many people in this county that if the Magistrate was working, there would not be a need for more employees, but possibly less employees resulting in a savings to the taxpayers.


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