February 17, 2008


People in other areas of the country have realized that Scenic Byways do impinge on private property owners rights  For more detailed information TWG urges you to read:

Scenic Byways-Innocent Sounding Land Management

Please note the highlighted parts.

The Scenic Byway Committee consists of Rusty Bullard--Economic Development Authority; Tracy Travillo--EDA; Peggy Billerman--City of Monticello; Chris Anderson--
Planning & Zoning; Charles Jablonski--Historical Committee; Bob James--EDA; and Betty Jean Jordan--citizen and bicycle enthusiast.  

The November 2007 meeting comments by the committee members consisted of the following:
  • Tourism is a way to generate revenue in our county.  The Development Authority of Jasper County has agreed to pursue this as an economic development strategy. 
  • Getting the designation of the Georgia Scenic Byways is a way to preserve the natural, historic, and heritage along those routes, if the landowners catch that vision.  (Many people in this county know the real reason for the Scenic Byway designation—Grant Money for the City of Monticello and its renovated City Hall.)
  • Guests expressed concern about land restrictions and losing some of their right-of-way to the byway.  The SBC will ask that landowners voluntarily place a natural buffer along the highway.  (Then who controls it?)
  • The objective is to keep the byways marketable as much as possible.  (How will they market private property?)  SBC may plant wildflowers where property has been clear cut or they may organize a trash pick up day.
  • SBC may also work toward widening the shoulder so that bikers are accommodated.  A guest questioned whether this would impinge on their property rights.  It was explained that the 2-foot or 4-foot shoulders would not but a larger project would. 

People in other areas of the country have realized that Scenic Byways do impinge on private property owners rights and there is a continuing circle—Economic Development, State Tourism Departments, DOT, Trail and Bike Organizations, etc.  The property owner is referred from one to another in a continuing circle.  

TWG also suggests you read the following plan which is being discussed by the Scenic Byway Committee.  
Corridor Management Plan

Educate yourself about these “designation programs” and speak out.  If you don’t, someone else will be controlling your private property.


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