February 16, 2013


AGENDA ITEM: 2/19/13--Old Washington Park  (New Business Item 11)

“Old Washington Park” actually means the Old Washington Park School Building.  It appears that the BOC and County Manager are in talks to take possession of this building from the School Board.  Read Agenda Item and Letter here.

Some questions arise about this desire by the BOC to take over this old school building.

1.      Why does the county need this building and why are they so willing to take if off the school board’s hands?

2.      Former school board members have said this building is full of asbestos.  Has there been a study to see if this is true and if so how much the removal of the asbestos would cost?  What liability would the county be undertaking by owning the building?

3.      How much will the renovations and repairs of the property be?  Recreation could not use the building for basketball because there was no running water.  Sources say there are other major repairs that must be made.

4.      How much will it cost each year to maintain the building in utilities, insurance, repairs, pest control, and cleaning?


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