February 16, 2013 

AGENDA ITEM: 2/19/13 -Budget Amendments--Constitutional Officers (New Business Item 13a.)

The courts—Probate, Magistrate, and Clerk of Courts office—have continually and repeatedly gone over their budgets over the past 4 or more years.  While other departments cut up to 8% of their budgets annually, these 3 offices not only refused to cut, but continued to overspend.  These offices also refused to take furlough days while other county employees took 1 furlough day a month (approximately a 5% cut).  The Clerk of Courts office has 6 employees including the Clerk (now making $82,000+ a year).  The Probate office has 3 employees including the Judge (now making $64,000+). 

There is a proposal to take $73,364 out of contingency and add to these budgets so it won’t look like they went over budget.  If this is the case, why would any department stay within budget?  Just defy the BOC and go over the budget and then make a budget amendment to “fix” it so it looks like you did not go over budget.  See Proposed Budget Amendment here.



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