February 13, 2013


The City of Monticello holds meetings the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM.  They have a '"real" agenda--one that citizens actually know what will be discussed.  See a copy of their agenda here.  Compare this to one of the BOC meeting agendas where nothing is explained and no one really knows what will be discussed.

The council allows citizens to speak before the meeting and after the meeting.  The BOC used to allow agenda comments before the meeting and then citizen comments after the meeting, but was this was stopped in early 2010 and has never been reinstated. 

The City Council members actually speak to the citizens, answer their questions, pay attention to their comments, and take notes!  This is so much different than the BOC that sits and stares at each citizen and never comments or else looks down and acts like the citizens don’t matter.


At the end of the City Council meeting, each council member can make comments about anything they please.  Some thank people, some make comments, but they have the opportunity to say what they want.  The BOC never says anything and the meetings with the new BOC seem to be scripted from beginning to end.


The City Council has some good meetings and allows citizens to be involved.  They actually had discussion on every issue at last night’s meeting.  It doesn’t mean all of them agree, but they did express their ideas, concerns, etc. in open meeting and the public attending could understand what was going on.


The new BOC should go to these meetings, take notes, and try to emulate the procedures and agenda of the City Council.  


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