January 30, 2013

 County Lawyer gives the BOC conflicting advice on to similar problems

County Attorney, Jim Alexander, has a long history with Jasper County BOC of playing politics. 
The last meeting was a prime example.   The new Chairman, Comm. Pennamon, wanted something
for someone in his district that he knew that had been denied in previous years.

 Watch the following video:


From the beginning of the video to 2:51 -- Carl Pennamon is asking for special treatment for someone in his district whose house was burned.  At this meeting on 1/28/13 the county attorney said landfill was an “enterprise fund” so they (the BOC) could do what they wanted. Comm. Pennamon pushed to let this “hardship case” dump free at the landfill.

However, on 11/1/2010 the county attorney told the BOC that this could not be done. See video from 2:51 to the end.  The county attorney said it was the same as a donation even though a woman’s house had burned and she had perished in the fire.  Volunteers were cleaning up the debris from the fire and wanted to be able to take the refuse to the landfill.  The county attorney said it was a “gratuity” and it cannot be done even though the BOC wanted to allow it.

 Minutes from 11/1/10:
November 1, 2010 minutes

 Letter from Mike Holland-Waive dumping fee-Family lost home:
Lady passed away in the fire and friends are cleaning up at no cost and ask they county to waive the dumping fee.  After discussion County Attorney said this could not be done.  This would be same as donation and this is can not be done by the county for one person.

So which is it?  The only time free dumping has been allowed before was when the tornado came through in 2009 and it was allowed then.

The county attorney needs to quit playing politics and give correct legal advice.  The BOC should inquire of another attorney if what they have allowed is legal or not.


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