January 15, 2013


Accounting Manager and Animal Control Officer

Two job openings are now on the county website. Go to www.jaspercountyga.org, departments, and Human Resources.  Then click job opportunities.

It appears that CFO and interim County Manager, Lorri Smith, will be given the job of County Manager.  The county is now advertising for an Accounting Manager.

"Jasper County is seeking a fulltime Accounting Manager.  The position is a supervisory position and oversees all accounting, financial reporting, and internal control activities for the county including pre-audit controls and proper posting of expenditures...."

What has happened at Animal Control?  After months of controversy at animal control and then doing without a director, an animal control director was hired about two or three months ago.  He is obviously leaving.

"Jasper County is seeking a fulltime Animal Control Director.  The position requires at least two years of experience in animal control or animal rescue operations. "

Neither of these positions has been discussed in public meeting or approved by the BOC for advertisement.  If you are interested, go by the courthouse and pick up an application.  The deadline to submit your application is Jan. 31, 2013.


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