January 14, 2008 

DOGs need homes UPDATED

Last month TWG alerted you to the “death rate” at the Jasper County Animal Control
Shelter and that one good soul was working hard to have these pets adopted.  

After the article came out, TWG found that there are two good souls attempting to help
the animals at the Shelter.  Pictures and descriptions of the pets available at the Jasper Shelter
are being posted on Hoobly, Petfinder, and Craigslist

Here are links to Hoobly, Petfinder and Craigslist:
http://www.hoobly.com/members/jcacs/ (this listing shows several)
http://search.petfinder.com/search/search.cgi?pet.Animal=Dog&pet.Breed=&pet.Age=&pet.Size=&pet.Sex=&location=31064  (this listing shows many of the dogs at the Shelter)

We have pictures of 3 dogs that have found GREAT homes!  A Beagle, German Shepherd, and a
Cocker Spaniel.  You can see these are beautiful dogs—not some mangy mutt.  These dogs had to be
someone’s pet and were either lost or turned out. 

 Beagle Cocker Shepherd

We have pictures of two of the many dogs that have been euthanized.  These dogs were put down to make
room for more coming into the shelter that will likely face the same fate.  These were two sweet dogs. The
black and white one was so calm, gentle, and laid back. The little Shepherd mix was so friendly and outgoing.
She could have made an excellent pet for a family with kids.  

Hootch Sasha

If you are a responsible owner, and are considering a new pet, please visit our local animal shelter.  The staff
is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They know the personalities of the dogs and cats, and can tell you
what they know about them
. Plus, the feeling you get knowing that you had a hand in saving a life, is
beyond description, and you will be well rewarded with an ever grateful pet!

The Jasper County Animal Control Shelter is open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9AM to 12Noon. 
Their telephone number is 706-468-0396.  The Shelter is located behind the Senior Citizens Center on Hwy 212 W.


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