January 10, 2013


About a year ago the BOC was shown a slide show of many of the dilapidated houses and trailers in the Rollingwood Cove area and the extreme lack of any code enforcement.   The BOC voted several times to do something about this situation and to make code enforcement a priority in this area.  Very little was done until October 2012.

Since October there have been over 100 citations written, with about 40% of those citations written in the Rollingwood Cove area.  

A trailer in the area was in such bad condition that a notice of "Unsafe Condition" was written on 10/5/2012.

As you can see windows were missing and there were other serious problems such as water leaks, underpinning missing, solid waste in the yard, etc., but it was still being rented out.  This notice required the owner to secure a building permit and make corrections before it could be rented again.  It burned on December 18th.

Many other properties in the area are in as bad of shape, and some are being condemned.  

Broken windows, unsafe steps and porch, and other problems seem to be the norm.  Some of the houses have electricial issues as well as inadequate light and ventilation
.  The sticker on the door means this trailer was condemned, as is the house below.

TWG plans to continue to put up pictures of properties in this area and hope that Code Enforcement will stay active and the current BOC will continue the push to help clean up this area of the county.


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