January 5, 2008 


 Dan Jordan, Clerk of Court, and Ken Jackson, Chief Magistrate Judge, have filed for a Writ of Mandamus against the County CommissionersJordan and Jackson  want the county to pay Jackson  for his “40 hours of work each week.”  Jordan and Jackson also ask that Brenda Trammel to be appointed Attorney so the County will pay her fees.  

 In September, the Commissioners cut Jackson’s pay in half.  Jackson was written a letter which explained unless he certified his hours to the Commissioners showing that he was actually working full time or 40 hours a week, his pay would be cut to 20 hours a week – or part-time Magistrate Status.  Ken Jackson refused to do so on at least 3 occasions.  Jackson holds Magistrate Court two times a MONTH. Court usually lasts from 9:00AM to 12:00Noon—six hours a month.

Dan Jordan, Clerk of Superior Court, seems to have appointed himself as Ken Jackson’s supporter, defender, and spokesman.  Jordan has a blog and uses it to defend Jackson. It is widely known that Jackson works in 7 counties as a Juvenile Defender, coaches 6 different ball teams at Piedmont Academy, and carries on a private law practice.  Supposedly, according to Jordan, Jackson is allowed to do all this and still have time to work 40 hours a week as a MagistrateJordan has even offered his and Jackson’s services to the City – Jackson to be Municipal Judge while Jordan would be the Clerk of the Municipal Court.   Jordan and  Jackson seem to have a lot of time on their hands.

 One wonders why a Clerk of Court is so personally involved in a matter involving another official.  Jordan says he has the right to spend HIS budget money, which includes the Magistrate budget, any way he wants.  Jordan also states that after the Commissioners approve HIS budget, the County Commissioners “have NO authority” to tell him how the funds would be expended.  The Petition states that it is the desire of the Clerk, Dan Jordan, to continue paying Jackson for 40 hours a week

 Jackson has never been able to justify working 40 hours a week as a Magistrate for Jasper CountyJackson shows up at Piedmont somewhere close to 2:15PM on weekdays to coach or to leave for a game.  Jackson also coaches games on the weekends and attends tournaments for as long as a week at a time.  Game schedules and rosters show Ken Jackson to be the “Head Coach” of several of the 6 teams he coaches, and assistant coach on others.  Most mornings Jackson  is in another county working as a Juvenile Defender.  One wonders when and where he carries on a private law practice.

Jackson $72,000+ a year for working a minimal amount of hours, along with his health insurance and benefits costs the taxpayers over $100,000 a year.  It is time Jackson was paid for only the hours he works on actual Magistrate duties –duties that are now being done by others in the Clerk’s office.

 The Writ was filed 1/3/08 at 11:00AM; the first hearing will be 1/8/08 at 9:00AM.  Everyone should be interested in how the Judge rules on this Writ.  TWG has copies of Georgia Appellate Court cases that have determined such things as what is “full time” and if a Magistrate is violating Canons of Law. 

 Voters should be shocked at the attitudes and actions of Jordan and Jackson. Jordan and Jackson only serve for 4 years at a time—at the pleasure of the voters. They both need opposition in this year’s election.  Qualifying for Clerk of Court and Magistrate will be in April, a few short weeks away.


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